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Our designs are made with Tremendous LOVE

Wear the plants! Wear your lifestyle

Awesome graphics, impeccable lines and crisp printing makes our limited edition T-shirts a must have. Classic print reworked, perfected. Available today, the very best selection of unique and attractive t-shirts from Plant Hunter Tv to today’s finest, on-trend streetwear and fashion.A cultural must have, be sure to grab one because these are limited numbers.

Plant life matter for us and we want to show the world plants are a way to happiness.

I am a Plant Hunter! and to me this is a way of life. To find the best plant for the best place to grow and enjoy.To take care about nature and our wildlife is a must. To learn how to grow trees and our own food is a mission I have, and i want to teach more people around the world to do so.

– Leonardo Mahzouni

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