Fun facts about birch trees – Betula

I love birch this time of year. Earrings (birch flowers) and young leaves make tree looks like it under green very thin material. A real fashionista.

Do you know that.

In old times people said that birch cannot be planted near the house. There is a believ that spirits live in the crown of a tree. And in order not to attract demons and ghosts to the house, birch should be planted only behind a fence.

Chaga mushroom grows on damaged birch trunks. Some medications are made from it (including cancer medicine). At the same time, chaga grows on other trees, but only the mushrooms that grown on birch have beneficial properties.

In all major European languages, the name of this tree begins with the letter “b” or its analogue with the same sound. Because it comes from the same word, which meant “white.”

Birch fun facts

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