Dracaena Palm Care Guide

Dracaena is a easy care palm tree for indoor that originates from the African region but can also be found in other placeses. There is around 50 varieties in the wild. It’s one of the most popular indoor palm plant in the nordic countries.

Scientific name (Latin): Dracaena Marginata or Dracaena Fragrans. (Dracaena ssp.)

The Dracaena Palm

Dracaena can become a big palm indoors and gives a very green look in the apartment if its cared for in the right way. It does not need much light and dont need to be watered very often. The perfect houseplant for someone that want green but don’t have time for plant care.

How to take care of your Dracaena

  • Watering
    Water relatively sparingly. Let the soil dry out, around once a week depending on pot size.
  • Nutrition
    Fertilize regularly during the summer months
  • Placement
    Do not place in direct sunlight. The light-leafed varieties want more light than the dark ones.
  • Temperature
    In general, you can say that dracena wants a minimum temperature of around 15 degrees, preferably more.
  • Pruning
    You can top a Dracaena gently to the desired shape. You can also use the cut to multiply the plant.
  • Soil
    It does not want to stay in wet soil, so mixing in perlite or leca balls will help the soil to stay fluffy and this will increase drainage.

Dracaena Palm

Photo by Severin Candrian on Unsplash

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