Spider plant (Chlorophytum) Care Guide


Spider plant but also known as airplane plantSt. Bernard’s lilyspider ivyribbon plant.

People often talk about bachelor plants that have the ability to survive even though no one cares about them at all. Spider plant is effective at surviving, as it is basically impossible to kill it.

By absorbing harmful substances and particles in the air, it ensures that the air environment gets better indoors, at the same time as it emits water vapor – which makes the indoor climate even better. With it’s tropical look, it becomes easy to create green home, while it grows wide and large in no time. Originating from South Africa and Ethiopia.

Scientific name (Latin): Chlorophytum
Familj: (Asparagaceae)

How to take care of your Spider plant

  • Wattering
    Not much care is required for a ampel lily to thrive and feel good, but watering abundantly to keep the soil slightly moist is definitely the best thing for the plant. However, it does not matter if it is allowed to dry up between watering.
  • Placement
    It thrives in most places, but it would like to be a bright spot or in light shade, not in direct sunlight.
  • Soil
    Ordinary potting soil is okey and nutrients for indoor plant can be given sparingly throughout the year.
  • Repotting
    Your spider plant will grow substantially, so that it may need to be replanted. The tubers expand a lot in the soil so transplanting is recommended every year. It is also easy to pick the small plants that the spider plant creates and transplant them into new pots.


The plant can also bloom at any time of the year, and to avoid the scent that can be described as unpleasant, you simply cut off the small greenish-yellow flowers that grow on long stems.


Quick facts

  • Very popular to chew on by pets, the plant is completely harmless and non-toxic.
  • Has a good air-purifying effect.
  • Very hardy and that is a good plant for people that suffers from allergy.
  • Originating from South Africa and Ethiopia, where it grows in the wild.
  • Begins to bloom with an intense scent when it thrives.

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